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Is a Solicitor Really Necessary for Personal Injury Claims?

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help with personal injury claims

Seeking advice from a solicitor

Going it alone with personal injury claims can be a tough road, so you may need some expert help along the way.

Here at McCarthy + Co, we know that many people can go their entire lives without ever having to appoint a solicitor to deal with a legal problem, and that’s good. But life can be messy and all kinds of legal issues can crop up, from the very large and troublesome to the relatively commonplace, such as with personal injury claims

As our legal practice specialises in personal injury claims (and also medical negligence), we have built up many years of expertise in this area and are always happy to share our knowledge with the public, via this blog, our guides and on social media. In Ireland, as with anywhere, personal injury claims cover a range of accidents, leaving many people wondering if they can deal with a claim themselves, or if they would be better off with a specialist solicitor.

Before you do anything, or even think about hiring a solicitor to deal with a personal injury claim, you must bear in mind that you can only make one if your injuries are the result of someone else’s negligence.  Also, you have to be quick, because there’s a time limit of two years from the date of the accident for making a claim, after which you may not be able to.

Making Personal Injury Claims

Every personal injury claim in Ireland must be made via the Personal Injuries Assessment Board. This is a body established in 2004 by the government to deal with personal injury claims in a quick and low-cost way. The idea is to make it easy for the public to make claims, avoiding the courts and all the time and expense that involves.

Also, keep in mind that medical negligence is different from personal injury claims and the Injuries Board does not deal with them. If you have a potential case of medical negligence, you’ll need to go directly to a solicitor to discuss it.

Making personal injury claims to the Injuries Board can be done online. While it seems fairly straightforward, there are numerous elements to making a proper application, or it will not be accepted. This includes submitting required paperwork, such as medical reports from doctors outlining the extent of the injury and what course of treatment the person is on.

A Big Personal Injury Claims Helping Hand

A reputable personal injury claims solicitor is able to take over the entire application to the Injuries Board and ensure everything is submitted and in place, so that it is accepted and the claim proceeds. They will also know approximately how much a victim should be due in financial compensation for the type of injury they have suffered, and will do their level best to get that sum, or more, for their client. This is important because you certainly don’t want to leave it to chance that you might get a substantial (and necessary) amount of compensation.

Appointing a solicitor to handle a personal injury claim will also be invaluable if the claim is upheld by the Injuries Board, but the financial award is not acceptable to the client because it’s too low. The solicitor will then be able to take the case to court to secure the full amount to which you’re legally entitled.

When you’re injured in an accident that you didn’t cause and are focused on recovery and getting back on the road, leaving the personal injury claims task to an expert solicitor can put your mind at ease and really pay off.

Discover more about making a personal injury claim in Ireland by contacting the expert solicitors McCarthy + Co. today. We will be pleased to discuss your case with you in detail and offer clear guidance. You can also get your own FREE copy of our guide to making personal injury claims.

John McCarthy

John McCarthy is a seasoned solicitor with almost 20 years of experience, specialises in personal injury and medical negligence claims, focusing particularly on high-value compensation cases. His extensive litigation experience spans Circuit Court, High Court and Supreme Court levels. John's practice involves a diverse range of cases, from personal injury and wrongful death to property damage, defective products, professional negligence and judicial reviews.


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