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Back injuries can vary in severity from mild strains to debilitating conditions that can severely impair the quality of life of the person who has suffered the injury. Employers have a responsibility to ensure that they provide a safe working environment that minimises the risk of physical injury. If you have experienced a back injury at work, and you believe that it was entirely avoidable, you may be eligible to bring a claim against your employer for compensation.

According to Ireland’s Health & Safety Authority, the back is by far the most common part of the body to be injured in non-fatal accidents. For workers, 22% of all accidents at work involve an injury to the back. These types of injuries are especially common in industrial work environments such as factories, manufacturing plants, construction sites and agricultural settings. Larger organisations are usually very strict at adhering to Health & Safety protocols; however, smaller companies may be less likely to follow the legal guidelines closely.

Bringing a back injury compensation claim

If you, or a member of your family, has suffered a back injury at work, you may want to find out if it is possible to instigate a claim for compensation. Working with our experienced team of solicitors we can quickly determine if you might have a case to make your claim. If we are able to take on your case, we will thoroughly investigate any breach of Health & Safety regulations by your employer and determine a route to securing you and your family a fair settlement.

Scenarios, where you may have a basis to instigate a back injury claim, include:

  • Lifting heavy objects without the correct guidance for doing so
  • Slips, trips and falls within your work environment
  • Office or workplace items falling onto you
  • Accidents involving working at height
  • Unsatisfactory working conditions directly contributing to the injury
  • Faulty machinery or work tools directly causing the injury
  • Injuries sustained on a work-related journey by car or other means of transport.

There will, of course, be many other avoidable scenarios that result in back injuries being sustained at work. Injuries to the back are very likely to lead to long-term unemployment, so any settlement for negligence needs to reflect the impact of the injury on your quality of life. Our specialist accident-at-work solicitors can help you to determine this.

Useful resources

If you have recently suffered an injury to your back, you may find some of the following resources useful in helping you to manage and understand the condition.

Back injury compensation

You may find Section 7 of the Judicial Council’s Personal Injuries guidelines useful for determining the maximum compensation payouts for back injuries.

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Severe back injury compensation

Moderate back injury compensation

Moderate back injury compensation

Minor back injury compensation

Minor back injury compensation

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Back Injury at Work Compensation

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