Personal Injury

Court of Appeal Decision Confirms Importance of Book of Quantum in Assessing Personal Injury Claims

The Court of Appeal decision in Emma McKeown v. Alan Crosby and Mary Vocella [2020] IECA 242 is one that all personal injuries claimants and their advisors should study carefully.  You can see a copy of the full text of the decision here. At its most straightforward, the case involved a claim for personal injuries [...]

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Flor McCarthy Personal Injury Solicitor Interviewed on The Sweeney Show Podcast

Flor was delighted and honoured to have recently been invited to be interviewed on The Sweeney Show Podcast. During the interview, Flor and David Sweeney covered many topics training from Flor’s early years in law to the present day and navigating our current (COVID-19) situation. Flor talks about how he can draw from past experiences [...]

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Guidance Regarding DePuy Orthopaedics’ Attune Knee System

DePuy Orthopaedics’ Attune Knee System

Here at McCarthy + Co Solicitors, we have been contacted on numerous occasions recently regarding DePuy Orthopaedics’s Attune Knee System. The following information is set out to provide guidance to anyone who might currently be experiencing difficulties as a result of this product. Should you have any further questions regarding the following information, please feel [...]

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What Is the Injuries Board and How Can You Make a Claim*?

Sometimes, succeeding in a personal injuries claim and getting the compensation you deserve takes more than just applying to the PIAB yourself. You may need a little help and expertise along the way. People in Ireland who have unfortunately been injured in an accident that was not their fault are entitled to make a claim [...]

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Injury Claims * in Ireland: All You Need to Know

Injury Claims Ireland

Injury Claims* in Ireland: All You Need to Know Your essential guide to injury claims in Ireland, including how much you can expect to get in compensation. Personal injury covers many kinds of accidents and incidents — from slips in the supermarket, to incidents at work, car crashes, defective products and a lot more — [...]

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Is a Solicitor Really Necessary for Personal Injury Claims*?

help with personal injury claims

Going it alone with personal injury claims can be a tough road, so you may need some expert help along the way. Here at McCarthy + Co, we know that many people can go their entire lives without ever having to appoint a solicitor to deal with a legal problem, and that’s good. But life [...]

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How Do I Go About Making a Personal Injury Claim*?

Personal Injury Claim

How Do I Go About Making a Personal Injury Claim*? The road to making a personal injury claim is not always smooth and there can be many twists and turns. Some expert legal help will help to pave the way. For people who have been injured in an accident that they didn’t cause, it can [...]

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Personal Injuries Claims*: How Do You Know If You Have a Case?

It’s a traumatic time when you’re injured in an accident you didn’t cause, but before you make a claim, you first have to know if you’re eligible. Being involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault and becoming ill or injured as a result can lead to an array of emotional and financial problems. Making [...]

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Injuries Board or PIAB; Which Is It?

Personal Injury Claims * Must be Made to PIAB If you have suffered an accident in Ireland in which you suffered personal injuries *, whether a road traffic accident, an accident at work or an accident in a public place *, your personal injury claim must in the first instance be submitted to the Personal [...]

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Personal Injury Claims Fraud – The Other Side of the Story

One of the many self-serving arguments trotted out by insurance companies to attempt to justify their recent astronomical round of hikes in motor insurance premiums is that we have a serious problem in this country with fraudulent personal injury claims and that the tab for this criminal behaviour has to be picked up by innocent [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions About Road Traffic Accidents

IN THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT What’s the first thing that I should do if I’ve been in an accident? This is a no-brainer. It should be a matter of absolute priority that you establish that you, any passengers in your vehicle, and any other individuals involved in the accident are not seriously injured. If [...]

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Personal Injury Claimants Not All Treated Equally by the Injuries Board

The case of Kevin Barry McClintock is a tragic one that highlights an instance of double standards on the part of the Injuries Board, the government body responsible for assessing personal injury claims in Ireland. Mr McClintock was one of two people killed in road traffic accident in Donegal in 2015. A year after his [...]

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