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A Consumers Guide to the Injuries BoardMake Your Claim – A Consumer’s Guide to the Injuries Board

In this plain English guide for the consumer John McCarthy demystifies what often seems like a daunting process and shares with you over 10 years of experience representing victims.

medical negligence claim guideA Patient’s Guide to Bringing a Medical Negligence Claim

This plain English guide will help you understand what you are entitled to and how things work if you do decide to go about recovering what you may be entitled to when considering a Medical Negligence claim.

complete guide to work related accidents The Complete Guide to Work Related Accidents

If you’ve experienced an injury at work you may have certain questions in mind regarding your employer’s responsibilities and how to go about instigating an accident at work compensation claim.

Complete guide to work related accidents in the healthcare industry Work related accidents in the Healthcare Industry

More so than any other profession, nurses and care workers are at serious risk of sustaining career-ending and life-altering injuries while performing their everyday work-related tasks.

Road Cycling Safety Your Guide to Road Cycling Safety

This guide to road cycling safety provides some common sense tips on how to stay safe on your bike and avoid accidents. It also outlines your rights if you’ve actually suffered an accident. It is intended to answer the most frequently asked questions raised by cyclists like you on these issues.

vehicle damage claim guideComplete Guide to Making Your Own Vehicle Damage Claim

This guide explains how the system works when making damage claims and exactly what you need to do at each stage in the process. It tells you what you are entitled to and how you need to go about getting it.

Everything you need to know about buying a house Complete House Buying Guide

This extremely helpful and accessible guide tells you everything you need to know about the legal aspects of buying a house. It answers to the questions we’ve encountered from clients over the years.

complete guide to making your own willWhy You Need a Will And What You Need To Do About It

This plain English guide that explains why you need to make a will and provides you with everything you need to know in order to so.

The Truth About in Solicitors in IrelandThe Truth About Solicitors in Ireland

This book shares with you insider’s knowledge of the legal profession in Ireland; showing you how to tell the good solicitors from the bad and how to choose the solicitor that’s right for you.