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Selling at Auction

Whether you’re selling a property for the first time or you’re a seasoned professional with many years of experience in both buying and selling, it is important to have legal experts on your side. This is particularly the case when it comes to selling your property at auction.

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Expert Legal Guidance Throughout the Process of Selling Your Property at Auction

Selling your property at auction may feel like a daunting undertaking but there are various benefits. This method typically ensures a swift and efficient sale, often achieving a competitive market price due to the auction environment’s dynamic nature. The predetermined auction date creates a sense of urgency among buyers, potentially leading to higher bids.  Furthermore, selling at auction is legally binding once the hammer falls, providing you with immediate certainty of sale. If you are seeking a rapid and decisive transaction, this method of selling your property may be ideally suited to your circumstances.

At McCarthy + Co, our highly experienced conveyancing team has many years of experience in assisting clients looking to buy and sell properties at auction. For clients looking to sell, we assist with:

  • The Preparation of Legal Documents – Our first step will be to meticulously prepare all necessary legal documents for the sale, known as the “auction legal pack”. This includes drafting the contract for sale, collating the title documents, and ensuring all other relevant paperwork is in order. When the gavel falls at auction, the sale is legally binding, therefore it is imperative to ensure your legal pack is prepared by experienced conveyancing solicitors.
  • Providing Legal Advice – The McCarthy + Co team offer expert legal advice throughout the process, based on many years of experience assisting clients in both buying and selling at auction. We will help you understand your legal obligations, the implications of the auction’s terms and conditions, and potential legal issues that could arise. Our aim is to ensure you are fully informed and legally protected.
  • Managing the Auction Process – While the auctioneer will conduct the auction, we will manage the legal aspects of the auction process. This involves setting the auction’s terms and conditions and ensuring they are prominently displayed and understood by all parties involved.
  • Handling Queries – In the lead-up to the auction, we will address any queries from interested parties regarding the property, its title, or other legal aspects. It is crucial that potential buyers are well-informed to facilitate a smooth sale process.
  • Completion of Sale – Should your property be successfully sold; we will handle all aspects of the sale’s completion. This includes ensuring all legal requirements are met, overseeing the transfer of ownership, and managing all financial transactions.
  • Post-Sale Formalities – After the completion of the sale, our services will extend to handling post-sale formalities. This encompasses the payment of relevant taxes, registration of the new owner, and addressing any post-sale queries or issues that may arise.

Selling at auction offers the benefit of a fast, legally binding sale. However, it’s vital to appoint an experienced conveyancing solicitor to guide you through the process and ensure the legal pack is in order. If you are thinking about selling a property via this method, contact our conveyancing team by completing our confidential consultation request form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we are often asked in relation to buying a property.

  • What is the market appraisal stage of selling at auction?

    This is part of the pre-auction stage in selling your property. It involves a thorough assessment of your property's value by an auction expert or estate agent. This evaluation considers various factors such as location, condition, and market trends to determine an estimated selling price. This appraisal is crucial as it guides the setting of a realistic reserve price, ensuring the property is attractive to potential buyers while protecting your interests. It's a key step in preparing for the auction, helping you understand the potential financial outcome of the sale.

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  • What qualities should I look for in the auctioneer?

    Look for a company with a strong track record in property auctions, demonstrating successful sales and satisfied clients. They should possess excellent communication skills, be adept at engaging and energising the audience, and have a deep understanding of the real estate market. It's crucial they have a strategic approach to marketing and a wide network to attract potential buyers. Professionalism, transparency, and a clear understanding of legal and auction processes are also key.

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  • Is it necessary to hire a solicitor when selling at auction?

    A solicitor ensures that all legal aspects of the sale are correctly handled, including preparing the contract of sale and addressing any title or property-related issues. They also assist in setting out the terms and conditions of the auction, providing legal advice throughout the process, and ensuring compliance with relevant property laws. It's highly advisable to have an experienced conveynacing solicitor on your side, when selling at auction, as they will safeguard your interests, mitigate legal risks, and ensure a smooth and legally sound transaction. The involvement of a solicitor can be pivotal in preventing potential legal complications post-sale.

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