Changes to the Law of Easements and Rights of Way Acquired by Long Usage


Why this may be relevant for property owners right now? Owning a property involves a lot more than just having your name on the area of ground in question. In order to be able to use and enjoy the property fully, you may need a number of additional rights, such as a right of way [...]

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Issues to be Aware of When Instigating a Birth Injury Claim

Issues to be Aware of When Instigating a Birth Injury Claim - McCarthy Solicitors

If you are considering bring a birth injury claim for compensation than the following article contains answers to common questions that are asked and discusses some issues to be aware of when instigating a birth injury claim. Am I always entitled to compensation if I suffered an infection after giving birth? Most definitely not. Most [...]

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Advice on Bringing a Birth Injury Compensation Claim

If you or your child has been injured as a result of mistakes by medical staff you may be entitled to make a birth injury claim. In this article, we provide information about bringing a birth injury compensation claim. In what sort of scenarios can I claim compensation for my child? Getting back to basics, [...]

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Stay Safe – Online and Offline


We are particularly fortunate here at McCarthy + Co. in that much of our business had been done online even before the pandemic struck and we have been dealing with clients all over Ireland remotely for years.  This has meant that we have had the technology and systems in place to be able to continue [...]

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Understanding the Common Types of Birth Injuries

image of doctor with heading "Understanding the most common types of birth injuries"

Having a child is an occasion of great celebration and joy and for the majority, this is the case. In some instances, however, where perhaps there was some medical fault, it can result in injury to the child or mother causing great distress to a family. In this article, we aim to answer some of [...]

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Help To Buy Scheme – What You Need To Know

Couple with new house keys

In July of 2020, the Government announced that, as part of the stimulus package, there would be an increase in the amount of relief that first-time buyers may obtain on purchasing or self-building a newly constructed dwelling house under the Help to Buy Scheme. Under this scheme, the maximum relief available had been temporarily increased [...]

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Back to School (and to Court)

While it is back to school time, it is also back to court time this month. Usually, the superior courts do not sit in August and September, but this year the High Court has resumed sitting from 1 September and this is a very positive development. As well as sitting this month, the High Court [...]

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We Have Statements of Truth!

Hand on Bible

The statements of truth are available for use in law in Ireland. The Civil Law and Criminal Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2020 was signed into law by the President on 6 August. On 15 August the Minister signed the relevant Commencement Order, which you can see here. Statements of truth are contained in Part 3 of the Act, [...]

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Court of Appeal Decision Confirms Importance of Book of Quantum in Assessing Personal Injury Claims

The Court of Appeal decision in Emma McKeown v. Alan Crosby and Mary Vocella [2020] IECA 242 is one that all personal injuries claimants and their advisors should study carefully.  You can see a copy of the full text of the decision here. At its most straightforward, the case involved a claim for personal injuries [...]

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The “Help to Buy Scheme’ Explained

If you or anyone you know is a first-time buyer who is looking to get on the property ladder they should be aware that there was a very important announcement in the July stimulus package announced by the Government which increased the amount of relief that first-time buyers may obtain on purchasing or self-building a [...]

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Derry – In Memory of John Hume

We were on staycation recently and visited family in North East Antrim and Donegal. (I know, I know, strictly speaking staycation means you don’t leave your home, but that’s what everyone’s calling it this year in the weird world that the pandemic has dropped us into, so the pedants will just have to suck it [...]

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Statements of Truth In Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Claims

Statements of truth

Statements of Truth Have Been Introduced But Will Not Yet Be Immediately Available for Use In Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Claims Back in May we started a campaign to replace affidavits sworn on oath with a more modern secular system of statements of truth. You can see more detail on the background to this [...]

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