How Do You Prove Emotional Distress in a Medical Negligence Case?

Medical treatment

Any individual that has suffered emotional and psychological scarring as a result of a traumatic medical experience is likely to attest to the fact that the recovery process can be both extremely slow and incredibly difficult. If the emotional distress in question stemmed from negligent care or treatment, the aftermath may be even more agonising, [...]

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How Do I Claim Compensation from My Dentist for Negligent Dental Treatment?


Dental health is a hugely important aspect of our overall wellbeing. Therefore, it is integral that we feel that we can trust in the professionals who provide us with dental care, whether it be a hygienist, an orthodontist, or our regular dentist. While the vast majority of dental procedures in this country are successful, there [...]

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A Follow-up Review of Failures with Zimmer Biomet’s NexGen Knee Replacement Implants Could Lead to Further Lawsuits

Zimmer Biomet NexGen knee system

A retrospective surgeon’s review of the NexGen Complete Knee System has concluded that there are fundamental issues with the implant design, issues that could pave the way for further lawsuits. Zimmer Biomet is the largest knee implant manufacturer in the world, producing many effective products in this area since 1995. However, in 2001 the company [...]

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Can I Sue the Hospital for Waking Up During Surgery?

Patient waking up in surgery

As one of the most common reasons for taking a medical negligence action, errors that occur during surgery can incorporate anything from foreign objects being left inside the body to the wrong body part being operated on. Another particularly traumatic incident that can also fall under this category is waking up during surgery. But if [...]

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What Are The Most Common Types of Medical Negligence Claims?

Medical professionals at work

If you have suffered a personal injury as a result of medical malpractice, which is either physical or psychological in nature, you may be in a position to make a medical negligence claim. In order for the claim to be viable, however, the injury or trauma sustained must be as a result of negligent medical [...]

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Is It Difficult to Sue a Hospital for Medical Negligence?

Hospital negligence grey room

Embarking on a legal battle with a hospital can seem daunting and overwhelming in theory. But in practice, while it is undoubtedly an arduous process on many levels, suing a hospital for medical negligence is no more or less difficult than suing an individual. The most important factor that will contribute to the case’s viability [...]

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When is Medical Negligence a Criminal Offence?

Criminal Medical Negligence

Pursuing a medical negligence claim can be a daunting and oftentimes traumatic experience. It involves a lot of preparation, groundwork and reliving what was undoubtedly a painful experience on every level. However, it may be a necessary step for many in seeking justice following a life-altering event, which can eventually lead to personal closure and [...]

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Changes to the Law of Easements and Rights of Way Acquired by Long Usage


Why this may be relevant for property owners right now? Owning a property involves a lot more than just having your name on the area of ground in question. In order to be able to use and enjoy the property fully, you may need a number of additional rights, such as a right of way [...]

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Issues to be Aware of When Instigating a Birth Injury Claim

Issues to be Aware of When Instigating a Birth Injury Claim - McCarthy Solicitors

If you are considering bring a birth injury claim for compensation than the following article contains answers to common questions that are asked and discusses some issues to be aware of when instigating a birth injury claim. Am I always entitled to compensation if I suffered an infection after giving birth? Most definitely not. Most [...]

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Advice on Bringing a Birth Injury Compensation Claim

If you or your child has been injured as a result of mistakes by medical staff you may be entitled to make a birth injury claim. In this article, we provide information about bringing a birth injury compensation claim. In what sort of scenarios can I claim compensation for my child? Getting back to basics, [...]

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Stay Safe – Online and Offline


We are particularly fortunate here at McCarthy + Co. in that much of our business had been done online even before the pandemic struck and we have been dealing with clients all over Ireland remotely for years.  This has meant that we have had the technology and systems in place to be able to continue [...]

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Understanding the Common Types of Birth Injuries

image of doctor with heading "Understanding the most common types of birth injuries"

Having a child is an occasion of great celebration and joy and for the majority, this is the case. In some instances, however, where perhaps there was some medical fault, it can result in injury to the child or mother causing great distress to a family. In this article, we aim to answer some of [...]

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