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Commercial Conveyancing

Purchasing a commercial property or entering into a commercial lease is a big step for a business of any size. It’s essential to have expert financial and legal expertise throughout the process. At McCarthy + Co, our conveyancing solicitors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in Ireland’s commercial property market, helping you to confidently make decisions regarding property purchases, sales, and leases.

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Our Commercial Conveyancing Services

Our commercial conveyancing team assist our clients in the following areas:

Buying a Commercial Property

Helping our clients to minimise the financial and legal risks associated with buying commercial property in Ireland.

Selling a Commercial Property

Providing expert guidance throughout the process of selling a commercial property, including advice around tax and regulatory compliance.

Commercial Leases

Ensuring our clients business interests are protected with commercial lease reviews, pre-let agreements, and dispute resolution.

Confidently Move Forward With Commercial Property Transactions

Alleviate any concerns within your team regarding the financial and legal implications of buying and selling commercial property in Ireland with the assistance of McCarthy + Co’s highly experienced conveyancing team. We provide support and management services in relation to:

  • Due Diligence and Risk Assessment – We conduct thorough due diligence to identify potential risks and ensure compliance with all legal regulations. Our meticulous approach helps you make informed decisions about your property investments.
  • Contract Negotiation and Drafting – Our team excels in negotiating and drafting robust contracts that protect your interests. We focus on clarity and precision, ensuring all agreements reflect your objectives.
  • Property Acquisition and Disposal – Whether you are buying or selling commercial property, we guide you through every step of the process. Our solicitors provide strategic advice that ensures the best possible outcome for the transaction.
  • Lease Agreements – Our team assists with every aspect of commercial lease arrangements, ensuring your interests are protected and the future needs of your business are anticipated.
  • Financing and Security – We can assist you with the financial aspects of your commercial property transactions. We advise on mortgage agreements, loan documentation, and other financial arrangements to support your investment.
  • Property Development and Planning – We offer legal assistance in property development projects, including planning permissions, environmental compliance, and construction contracts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we are often asked in relation to commercial conveyancing.

  • How do your solicitors assist with purchasing commercial property?

    Our solicitors conduct legal due diligence, ensuring the property's title is clear, handling contract negotiations, and overseeing the transfer of funds. Our team provide expertise on planning, environmental regulations, and other legal compliances, helping you to navigate sometimes complex Irish property laws. Our role is to ensure a smooth, legally sound transaction, that minimises the risks associated with property acquisition.

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  • How do your solicitors assist with selling commercial property?

    Our solicitors aid businesses in selling commercial property by preparing and reviewing the sales contract, ensuring compliance with legal requirements, and handling the transfer of the property title. We provide guidance on tax implications, we manage property searches, and we handle enquiries from the buyer's solicitor. Our expertise throughout the sales process ensures that the transaction is conducted efficiently and legally, with your business interests protected.

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  • How do your solicitors assist with commercial leases?

    Our solicitors assist by reviewing and negotiating lease terms, ensuring compliance with relevant laws, and advising on rights and obligations. We help you understand complex clauses, such as rent reviews, maintenance responsibilities, and termination conditions, providing clarity and legal protection. Our expertise ensures that you minimise risk and the lease terms are favourable and fair for your business, irrespective of whether you are a landlord or tenant.

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  • Can you assist with large volume commercial property acquisition?

    Yes, we can. Be it factories, warehouses, business parks, development sites, “pre'63” buildings, shopping centres, retail units, or any other type of commercial space, our team provide expert guidance and conveyancing services for large volume acquisitions. We will help you to navigate varied property laws, financing structures, and potential disputes, ensuring smooth and legally secure commercial property transactions.

The Conveyancing Team at McCarthy + Co

About McCarthy + Co

McCarthy + Co. are a team of solicitors with more than 30 years of experience in providing legal advice, guidance and assistance to clients across Ireland.

We are a family-run business with offices in Dublin and Cork, but we have dealt with clients everywhere from Galway and Limerick to Waterford. We are honest, plain-speaking and thorough – we will work alongside you to ensure your property sale or purchase is as efficient as possible.

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We are a multi-award winning firm, accredited by the Law Society of Ireland.

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