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Biceps Tendon Rupture

Following a biceps tendon rupture, ongoing health issues can include chronic pain, decreased strength, and reduced range of motion, particularly if the injury or its treatment was not managed optimally. Some individuals might experience muscle cramps or fatigue in the affected arm during certain activities. Additionally, if surgery is required, there can be complications such as infection, nerve damage, or incomplete restoration of function. Long-term, patients might also notice cosmetic differences in the muscle appearance, such as a permanent bulge where the tendon detached. Proper rehabilitation is crucial to minimise these long-term effects and restore function.

Biceps Tendon Rupture X-ray

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A biceps tendon rupture involves the tearing of the tendon that connects the biceps muscle to bones in the shoulder or elbow. This injury can occur at either the shoulder (proximal rupture) or elbow (distal rupture). It typically results from excessive strain or wear and tear, often seen in weightlifting or sports. Symptoms include sudden, sharp pain, swelling, bruising, and a noticeable bulge in the arm due to the retracted muscle. Treatment varies from rest and physical therapy for minor tears to surgical repair for more severe ruptures, depending on the location and extent of the injury. In scenarios where this type of injury was caused by the negligent actions or wrongful behaviour of a third party, it may be possible to bring a compensation claim for personal injury.

What sort of negligent behaviours can cause a biceps tendon rupture?

Negligent behaviours causing this injury often involve physical activities where safety protocols are not followed. This includes inadequate training or supervision in sports and fitness settings, failure to maintain or properly set up exercise equipment, and incorrect or unsafe manual handling techniques in workplaces. Additionally, accidents caused by reckless driving can lead to trauma that ruptures the tendon. In healthcare settings, improper surgical or medical procedures can also be a contributing factor. These scenarios often involve a lack of due care that directly leads to the injury.

What are the more severe consequences of a biceps tendon rupture?

The more severe consequences of a biceps tendon rupture include significant loss of strength and mobility in the affected arm, which can impair daily activities and occupational tasks. This can lead to prolonged disability, particularly in professions requiring manual labour. Severe ruptures, especially if untreated or improperly managed, may result in permanent deformity of the arm, chronic pain, and an increased likelihood of re-injury. Surgical repair complications such as infection, nerve damage, and incomplete tendon healing can further exacerbate these outcomes, complicating recovery and potentially leading to long-term impairment.

When is it possible to bring a compensation claim following a biceps tendon rupture?

A compensation claim can be brought when the injury is directly linked to another party’s negligence or wrongful action. This might be the case in work-related injuries where employer negligence in safety practices is evident, accidents due to poorly maintained equipment, or in situations involving car accidents or public liability where another party is at fault. Successful claims require demonstrating that the injury was foreseeable and preventable if the responsible party had taken proper care, and that this failure directly caused the rupture and resulting damages.

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