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Recent Medical Negligence Cases in Ireland

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High Court, Dublin

From tragic misdiagnoses to delayed treatments, incidents in Ireland’s healthcare system can lead to devastating outcomes for patients and their families. High-profile legal settlements highlight the human cost of these errors and prompt conversation about healthcare standards, accountability, and the imperative for systemic reforms. Here are five examples of medical negligence cases that have resulted in pressure on healthcare services to address failings and improve standards.

€1.9 million settlement in a fatal birth injury case

Medical negligence case Nayyab Tariq

The High Court approved a €1.9 million settlement for the case of Nayyab Tariq, a 28-year-old woman who died four hours after giving birth at Mayo University Hospital on 22 March 2020, due to alleged medical negligence. Tariq suffered a significant post-partum haemorrhage during surgery to remove her placenta, leading to her death. The HSE admitted liability, and the settlement included an apology for the failings in care and assurance that recommendations for care standards are being fully addressed. The settlement also allocates €973,500 to Tariq’s daughter.

Undisclosed settlement for failings in the care of a woman with breast cancer

Medical negligence case - Lynn Rocke

Galway University Hospital apologised for the care failings of Lynn Rocke, a 49-year-old woman who died from breast cancer in March 2020. Lynn’s family had pursued legal action against the HSE, highlighting missed opportunities for early detection and intervention. The hospital’s acknowledgement of these shortcomings came alongside an undisclosed settlement. Lynn’s husband stressed the impact of her loss, expressing hope that it would inspire improvements in healthcare to prevent similar tragedies.

€220,000 compensation award to the family of a boy whose throat corroded

Medical negligence case - Aaron Sikorski

The HSE apologised to Aaron Sikorski, a young boy who developed a tracheoesophageal fistula requiring multiple surgeries after a button battery he swallowed corroded his throat due to a delayed X-ray. Aaron, from Tuam, County Galway, swallowed the battery at 14 months old in 2018, but despite his mother’s immediate concerns, an X-ray was not ordered for several days. A settlement of €220,000 was accepted, with the HSE admitting liability.

Six figure settlement for a mother who experienced a stillbirth due to negligence

Medical negligence case - Rebecca Collins

The HSE and University Hospital Limerick issued an apology in the High Court to Rebecca Collins, who experienced the stillbirth of her daughter Hannah 16 years prior, due to a failure in monitoring and managing a non-reassuring CTG (fetal heartbeat). Acknowledging negligence and the profound impact on Collins’ family, they agreed on an undisclosed six-figure settlement. This case highlighted issues in maternal care, prompting a commitment to implement recommendations for improvements.

€12 million settlement for an infant who suffered brain damage

Medical neglience case - Robyn Kilgallon

The High Court approved a €12 million settlement for Robyn Kilgallon, who, as a 10-month-old in 2011, suffered severe brain damage after Sligo General Hospital failed to admit and treat her for bacterial meningitis on her initial visit. Liability was admitted by the HSE. The delay in her treatment led to catastrophic injuries, despite her symptoms of a serious infection. Robyn now requires lifelong care for her significant developmental delays and physical needs.

Considering bringing a medical negligence case?

If you believe you received poor medical treatment that resulted in you sustaining an injury or ongoing health condition, you may have the grounds to bring a compensation claim against the negligent healthcare provider. At McCarthy + Co, our medical negligence team has a long history in bringing successful negligence claims for injured patients across Ireland. You can speak to us to gain free and impartial advice regarding your case by sending us a message using our confidential online form.

John McCarthy

John McCarthy is a seasoned solicitor with almost 20 years of experience, specialises in personal injury and medical negligence claims, focusing particularly on high-value compensation cases. His extensive litigation experience spans Circuit Court, High Court and Supreme Court levels. John's practice involves a diverse range of cases, from personal injury and wrongful death to property damage, defective products, professional negligence and judicial reviews.


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