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Things to Consider When Choosing a Property Solicitor in Ireland

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Are you considering buying or selling a property in Ireland? If so, you will need to engage the services of a property solicitor. Here are some things to consider when sourcing quotes for this important role in the buying and selling process.

What is the difference between a property solicitor and a conveyancer?

A solicitor and a conveyancer essentially perform the same function; however, conveyancers are not qualified lawyers, so they won’t be able to deal with any complex legal issues. A property solicitor is fully qualified to provide legal advice and representation throughout the entire process of buying or selling property. In contrast, a conveyancer deals solely with the administrative and procedural aspects of the transaction, like dealing with contract documentation, carrying out local authority searches, filling out necessary legal forms and gathering documents.

Is it a legal requirement to hire a property solicitor when buying or selling a property in Ireland?

It is possible to carry out the conveyancing process yourself if there is no mortgage involved. However, conveyancing is a very complex process with significant consequences if it is not handled correctly. It’s therefore highly advisable to hire a conveyancing professional or a property solicitor to help you, as it offers complete peace of mind and protection when buying or selling your house.

What qualifications should I look for when choosing a property solicitor?

When either selling or purchasing a property, one of the most important steps to take is to check that the firm you are considering using is registered with the Law Society of Ireland. At McCarthy + Co Solicitors LLP, we have been assisting buyers and sellers for over 30 years and you can check our registration details by running a search for us on the Law Society website here. Look also for formal qualifications in property law alongside extensive experience in handling the conveyancing process.

What does your solicitor do when you are looking to buy a property?

Your property solicitor will carry out various important tasks to ensure the purchase of your property goes smoothly. This includes carrying out local authority searches to check for any planning issues or environmental hazards, requesting and obtaining a copy of your mortgage offer, liaising with the property seller’s solicitor including drafting of contracts to specify the terms of the purchase/sale, drafting a deed transferring the title to the property to the buyer, and transferring the signed transfer deeds to the seller’s solicitor or conveyancer.

What does your solicitor do when you are looking to sell a property?

If you are selling your property, your solicitor will handle tasks such as drawing up the draft contract (including details of what is included in the price of the property), negotiate on your behalf regarding the terms of the contract, liaise with the buyer’s solicitor on finalising a completion date, receive the signed transfer deeds, and exchange final contracts.

What are reasonable fees charged by property solicitors in Ireland?

Be sure to choose a property solicitor who is clear and transparent in terms of their fees. At McCarthy + Co we provide you with full details of all fees and charges that you are likely to encounter as part of your transaction upfront and in writing before you start. If you are sourcing quotes from other law firms, check if they are prepared to do this. Also, bear in mind that the cheapest quote you can source may not be the best value. A suspiciously low quote may come with lower levels of customer service that can add to your stress when buying or selling a property.

How can I check the reviews of a solicitor or law firm?

It’s essential to check the reviews the property solicitor or firm you are considering to use as your conveyancers. Be sure to check on their website to see if it features links to a verified review platform. At McCarthy + Co we have over 100 verified reviews on Trustpilot with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5. You should also carry out a search for the solicitor and law firm’s name on Google, to check if the reviews they have on there are positive overall.

What other questions should I ask when considering hiring the services of a property solicitor?

Other questions to ask your solicitor include the following: Are there any additional fees in addition to the initial quote? Could the initial fee change and if so, why? Will you let me know in advance if something will cost extra? What is the maximum I can expect to pay? What parts of the process will you look after? How long should the process take? How many conveyancing cases have you handled? Do you have any references I can contact? If you are not happy with the answers to any of these questions, then consider using a different firm.

Buying or selling your house? Get a quote from our conveyancing team today

Choosing the right property solicitors in Ireland to handle the sale or purchase of your home doesn’t have to be stressful. At McCarthy + Co, we have created a unique system based on a combination of legal excellence and amazing customer service that is completely centred around you and your needs and making sure what is important to you is taken care of promptly and without any fuss. If you are starting the process of buying or selling a property, visit our conveyancing page for further details of our service or to complete a request for a quote.

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