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How much will it cost to bring a personal injuries claim?

I’m often asked how much will it cost to bring a personal injuries claim. Now it is important to remember when you are looking to recover your losses arising out of personal injuries there is a two part process to be engaged in.

First you must go through the Injuries Board and if that is not successful you must go through the Courts, but lets deal with each in turn.

With the Injuries Board there are two unavoidable costs, the first being the application fee of €45.00 which is paid to the Injuries Board and the other is the cost of your medical report which you will need to ground your application to the Injuries Board. This usually costs between €245.00 and €300.00.

Now you may also decide to instruct a solicitor in your case and the fees a solicitor will charge is very much dependent on the agreement you come to with that solicitor. It is important that you are clear with your solicitor what are the fees and preferably get this in writing. Also if you find that you are unable to afford a solicitors fees you can discuss with them whether or not they have a “no win no fee” arrangement in place.

As I said, if the Injuries Board application is not successful you will then have to go to Court and again there will be fees there which you would hope to recover from the other side. However, again you should be clear with your solicitor on what basis they charge their fees and agree them with your solicitor in advance.

There will also be certain witness expenses and expert witness expenses and again these are for negotiation with these witnesses.

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