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How long do I have to bring a claim for personal injuries?

If you have had a personal injury a very important question to consider from the outset is how long do you have to bring that claim. Now the reason why it is such an important question is that if the time limit for bringing that claim runs out the claim becomes what we call statute barred which means that you can never pursue that claim and all your losses are now gone for good.

It can be a tricky question to answer as to how long you have but the general rule of thumb is that you have two years from the date that you suffered the injury.

There are some exceptions to the rule for example if you have an injury while in an aircraft then the time limit may run out sooner. Similarly if you are pursuing the estate of a deceased person the time may run out quicker. There are also certain savers such as a date of knowledge test that you weren’t aware that you had an injury and other tests, but it is safer not to rely on these tests.

If you are in any way unsure about the time limit you have to bring a claim it is important that you consult your solicitor to find out definitively how much time you have to bring your claim.

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