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Park & Playground Accident Claims

If you or your child has been injured in a park or playground accident, you may be entitled to compensation. At McCarthy + Co Solicitors LLP, we have a long history in bringing successful personal injury claims. Our team can help you navigate the legal process to secure the compensation you or your child deserves. We understand the distress such incidents cause and are committed to providing compassionate, professional support to ensure you and your child’s well-being and your peace of mind. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your case.

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Helpful Information

Various laws ensure the safety of you and your child in public parks and playgrounds, requiring park operators like city or county councils to maintain safe facilities. To claim compensation for injuries, you must prove that a duty of care was owed, a negligent breach of this duty caused the accident, and that you or your child were injured as a result. Some examples of scenarios where you may have the basis to bring a compensation claim include:
  • Falls from Heights – For example, if your child fell from equipment such as slides, monkey bars, or climbing structures without adequate guardrails or barriers. You may also have a basis to bring a claim if they fell onto hard surfaces like concrete, asphalt, or insufficiently cushioned areas.
  • Equipment Malfunction – If your child’s injury was caused by broken, rusted, or poorly designed equipment. For example, a damaged or poorly maintained slide.
  • Slip and Trip Accidents – Slips on wet, icy, or muddy surfaces that have not been properly maintained, or trips over debris, roots, or uneven surfaces within the play area.
  • Falling Object Accidents – Items falling from shelves or displays, often due to improper stacking or handling, are a common cause of injury.
  • Entanglement and Entrapment – Injuries from clothing or accessories getting caught in equipment (e.g., drawstrings caught on slides), or entrapment in gaps or openings in equipment that are too small or improperly spaced.
  • Collisions – Injuries resulting from collisions with other children due to overcrowded play areas, or poorly designed layouts that do not provide enough space between different types of equipment, leading to collisions.
  • Playground Surface Issues – Use of inappropriate surfacing materials that do not adequately cushion falls.
  • Environmental Hazards – Accidents involving children wandering into dangerous areas such as nearby roads, water bodies, or construction sites due to inadequate fencing or barriers.
  • Animal Attacks – Injuries caused by animals in the playground area, whether pets off-leash or wildlife intruding into the play area.

Bringing a park or playground injury claim

To bring a compensation claim for you or your child’s injury in a park or playground, you will need to gather evidence such as photos, medical reports, and witness statements. You must notify the local council or park owner as soon as possible and keep a record of any correspondence that you have with them. Consult a solicitor specialising in personal injury claims as early as possible as they will help you to quickly ascertain if you have a case to bring. Your solicitor can help you to prove that a duty of care was owed, a breach occurred through negligence, and that you or your child were injured as a result.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions we are often asked in relation to this topic.

  • What are the responsibilities of local authorities?

    Local authorities, such as city and county councils, are typically responsible for the upkeep and safety of public parks and playgrounds within their jurisdiction. This includes regular maintenance, safety inspections, and addressing reports of hazards or damage. Their specific responsibilities involve conducting routine inspections to ensure playground equipment is safe and in good working order, addressing wear and tear, fixing broken equipment, and maintaining the grounds, such as surfacing and landscaping. They must ensure playgrounds meet relevant safety standards and regulations, like those set by the European Standard for Playground Equipment (EN 1176 and EN 1177). Additionally, they are tasked with identifying and mitigating potential hazards and responding promptly to public reports about safety issues or damage.

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  • What if the park or playground is privately owned?

    Privately owned parks and playgrounds are governed by the Occupiers' Liability Act 1995, which requires owners to ensure the safety of visitors by maintaining their premises. The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 also applies if employees are present, mandating safe conditions. Additionally, the European standards for Playground Equipment also apply to private owners as they do to local authorities. Private owners must conduct regular inspections, maintenance, and risk assessments to prevent accidents and ensure the environment is safe for public use.

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  • How can I prove a local authority or private owner is at fault?

    You could supply many different forms of proof to help bring your claim. Photographic proof is essential if the accident was caused by some form of defect; it's a good idea to take pictures of it before it's repaired. Always report the accident to the local authority, school, or business as soon as possible so the incident will be logged, as your copy of the report will be used to prove the date, time, and location of the accident. If you or your child was treated at a GP surgery, minor injuries unit, or hospital, it's important to request a copy of your medical records. Notes and X-rays from your appointment could help to show the extent of the injuries that you or your child sustained. If anybody else was present when the accident happened, ask them for their contact details.

    Video evidence can be crucial if the playground was covered by CCTV, so ask for a copy of the footage quickly, as recordings aren’t usually retained for too long due to data protection laws. Additionally, keep a note of how you or your child have been affected by your injuries. For example, diarise when you couldn’t work, any social or family events you missed, or any costs you’ve incurred. This detailed record can support your claim by illustrating the impact of the injury on you and your child's life.

Start your playground or park accident claim

If you or your child have sustained an injury whilst using park or playground facilities, and you believe the injury was due to negligence by those responsible for its maintenance, you may have the grounds to bring a claim. Call us on 1800 390 555 to discuss your case with an experienced member of our staff. You can also email on and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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