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Property Financing

The financial side to buying and selling property carries a certain level of risk. At McCarthy + Co, our conveyancing team provide expert guidance on the legal and administrative aspects of financing property purchases.

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Types of Financing & Investments

Our expert team offers guidance and legal documentation in relation to:


Assisting clients who plan to purchase a property using a mortgage loan, by liaising with the mortgage provider and handling the necessary documentation.


Assisting clients with the legal aspects of remortgaging, including checking the terms of the current mortgage and dealing with the transition to the new mortgage lender.

Investment Properties

Assisting clients in navigating the complex legal landscape of property investment, helping reduce potential risks and liabilities.

Get Expert Advice on the Legal Aspects of Financing Property

If you are currently considering purchasing your first property or looking to expand your property portfolio, it’s highly advisable to seek the advice of an experienced property solicitor. A qualified solicitor will ensure that your purchase or refinancing of a property is administrated with your best interests at the centre of the process.

At McCarthy + Co, clients choose us to handle the legal aspects of their property financing as we provide:

  • Expert Guidance – Providing you with essential expertise in terms of the legal aspects of the mortgage or refinancing agreement.
  • Efficient Handling of the Paperwork – Ensuring there are no legal issues with any of the documents related to your mortgage including the Loan Offer Letter, Mortgage Deeds, Life Policy and Insurance documents, and your Deed of Conveyance.
  • Articulate Liaison – Dealing with lenders, brokers, and other parties, ensuring smooth communication and coordination.
  • Proactive and Responsive Service – Unlike some firms, we don’t take ages to respond to emails and we always return your call. We know how important it is to get the answers you need concerning your property purchase, and we strive to provide them to you as soon as we can.

Whether you are concerned about financing your first property, or you have concerns about the legal implications of purchasing investment properties, the McCarthy + Co team can help you avoid making any bad decisions throughout the process. Get in touch with our conveyancing solicitors today to discuss how we can help you with your financing or refinancing needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we are often asked in relation to property financing.

  • How does a solicitor assist with the mortgage process?

    Solicitors play a crucial role in the mortgage process. They advise you on the legal aspects of the mortgage agreement, conduct property searches to ensure no legal issues with the property, manage the transfer of funds, and handle the legal paperwork for property ownership transfer. They ensure the mortgage agreement aligns with your interests and legal requirements, and they act as an intermediary between you and the lending institution. This expertise is critical for smooth, legally sound transactions, protecting you from potential property disputes and financial complications.

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  • How does a solicitor assist with remortgaging?

    In remortgaging, a solicitor plays an essential role by conducting necessary searches and due diligence, ensuring that the property title is clear, and that no issues will impact the remortgage. They also liaise with both the existing and new lenders to manage the legal paperwork and funds transfer. Your solicitor will review the terms of the new mortgage agreement, ensuring that it is legally sound and in your best interests. Their role safeguards you from potential pitfalls, misunderstandings, or legal complications throughout the remortgaging process.

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  • Do I need a solicitor when buying investment properties?

    Hiring a solicitor when buying investment properties is highly recommended. A solicitor provides expert legal advice, conducts property searches and due diligence, verifies property ownership, and prepares necessary legal documents. They ensure the transaction adheres to all legal requirements, avoiding potential issues such as title disputes, unpaid taxes, or planning permission problems. They also handle the funds transfer to secure the property. Without a solicitor, you might miss critical legal details, resulting in financial losses or legal complications. The solicitor’s role is to safeguard your investment and ensure a smooth, legally compliant transaction.

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  • Do I need a solicitor remortgaging?

    Yes, generally speaking, you are required to engage a solicitor for remortgaging in Ireland (other than “top-up” mortgages). Your lender is unlikely to release funds if you have not engaged a solicitor. A solicitor conducts necessary searches, manages the transfer of the mortgage deed from your old lender to the new one, and ensures all legal requirements are met. They also clarify the terms of the new mortgage agreement to protect your interests. Their expertise can prevent potential legal complications and ensure the remortgage process runs smoothly.

The Conveyancing Team at McCarthy + Co

About McCarthy + Co

McCarthy + Co. are a team of solicitors with more than 30 years of experience in providing legal advice, guidance and assistance to clients across Ireland.

We are a family-run business with offices in Dublin and Cork, but we have dealt with clients everywhere from Galway and Limerick to Waterford. We are honest, plain-speaking and thorough – we will work alongside you to ensure your property sale or purchase is as efficient as possible.

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We are a multi-award winning firm, accredited by the Law Society of Ireland.

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