Chemical Burns, Inhalation or Eye Injury Claims *

If you have experienced an injury at work relating to the use of chemicals, you may be eligible to make a claim * against your employer. If you have experienced chemical burns, chemical inhalation or a chemical eye injury, this page will help you to ascertain your rights and the responsibilities of your employer.

Instigating a claim for negligence

In the chemical and pharmaceutical industries the most obvious risk factors that present themselves are things like chemical burns and exposure to hazardous materials, which may often be inherent in the nature of the industry.

In this context, the provision and use of appropriate safety goggles and protective clothing and equipment will be vitally important. Of course, provision is only one aspect. If all necessary clothing and equipment is made available but the system or culture of work is such that it is very difficult or impossible to attain the targets which have been set when using the equipment provided, an employer will not escape liability for their employees’ injuries.

Shift work tends to be commonplace in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, with skeleton crews in place at certain times of the day or night. This may result in there not being sufficient numbers of staff on duty as might be required by best practice. In addition, working long or unusual shift patterns out of sync with natural circadian rhythms can result in excessive levels of tiredness by an individual or their co-workers, that can contribute to accidents.

If you believe any of the above scenarios may be true to your situation, you may have grounds to instigate a claim due to the negligence of your employer. Our experienced solicitors will be able to help you ascertain if have good grounds to make a claim *.

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