Teachers Injured at Work or by a Student

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Violence against teachers has become an increasingly common issue in schools within Ireland and in various countries around the world. In the UK, nearly one in four teachers are attacked by pupils at least once per week. In Northern Ireland, 95% of school support staff have been assaulted. If you have suffered an injury at work as a result of being attacked by a student, you may be wondering what your rights are and if you can make a claim for compensation.

Whilst schools are not usually considered dangerous environments by the wider public, they are places where it is just as likely as any other busy work environment for an accident or an intentional assault to take place. Your school has a duty of care to ensure that you are protected from avoidable accidents, harassment and violence, just the same as any other employer. If you have suffered a severe injury as a result of an unsafe work environment, you may be able to bring a claim for compensation against your employer.

Bringing a claim for negligence

Dealing with unruly pupils is, unfortunately, a common and draining daily task for many teachers. However, there are situations where standard bad behaviour by difficult students can escalate into far worse scenarios involving threats, intimidation, and physical violence. Sadly, assaults on teachers have increased significantly in recent years and they can have long-lasting effects on those who experienced them.

Injuries in a school setting are not just confined to deliberate attacks on teachers by students. You may also have legitimate grounds to seek compensation for a range of other incidents that resulted in injury, such as the following:

  • A lack of safety equipment required to carry out your role
  • Assaults, bullying or harassment by other members of staff
  • Failure by your employer to recognise symptoms of PTSD caused by your work environment
  • Failure by your employer to adhere to Health & Safety regulations
  • Failure by your employer to provide adequate training for potentially hazardous elements of the job.

There may be many other scenarios that happen within a school setting, where it is possible to make a claim against your employer for compensation. Speak to one of our specialist personal injury claims solicitors today for further advice.

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Teachers Injured by Students

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