Mags McCarthy (Financial Controller) BA, DIP LS

Mags McCarthy, Financial Controller

Mags McCarthy, Financial Controller

Mags specialises in money, yours. Mags is our financial controller and office manager. In most businesses financial controllers are mainly concerned with getting money from the customers; Mags is much more concerned about minding our clients’ money.

Prior to joining McCarthy + Co. Mags worked in a variety of roles in the computer industry having worked for Dell, Visio and Apple specialising in the use of her foreign languages, she speaks French and Russian. Mags has a Bachelor of Arts from Queens University Belfast and a Diploma in Legal Studies from Griffith College.

Mags has been a member of the McCarthy + Co family since 2003 but has actually been a member of the McCarthy family since 1999 (for her sins she is married to Flor.) She spends her time outside of work running after 5 young children and loves music and singing, if she could ever just get a bit of peace to enjoy either…

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