PIP Update 20th January 2012

We continue to take calls from clients who have received breast augmentation surgery in the three named clinics in Ireland concerned that they may have received PIP breast implants.

A small number of women have been successfully able to verify that the implants they received from the Harley Medical Group are not PIP brand and, thankfully, will not need our services.

Others are reporting that they have had it confirmed that they did in fact receive PIP breast implants. They are then faced with a difficult choice if those implants are not ruptured as they are expected to pay for any steps they wish to have taken, whether that be removal or replacement.

We have also received calls from several women who tell us they have had breast augmentation surgery at a chain of clinics that was not mentioned in the IMB statements to date. The surgeon they met with told them they did in fact receive PIP breast implants. We have contacted the IMB for their comment on this and await their response. The name of this fourth clinic cannot be revealed until we have some written confirmation but we have no reason to doubt the information being provided to us by our clients.

We are now getting more information from patients detailing how they are being treated in consultations with surgeons in two of the clinics and can report that Harley Medical Group appear to be following the line they officially took in their 17th January press release as described in our blog post of yesterday. This is hardly a generous offer but they have at least clarified their position which takes away some of the uncertainty.

In other clinics women are reporting that they are being offered free removal in any case and free replacements for ruptured implants. Those patients wanting to have un-ruptured implants replaced are being charged a rate which is about 60% of what they paid to have the defective implants inserted on day one.

In all cases the burden has been left firmly on patients who have received implants to arrange and pay for their own scans. Some women have received offers to pay for scans retrospectively if the implants turn out to be ruptured.

The exception is still the Shandon Street Hospital. Patients of this now closed hospital still await any news on their implants. While the IMB statement makes it clear that PIP breast implants were used by this clinic, we have yet to hear from clients who have been able to confirm that their implants were in fact manufactured by PIP. We are actively seeking their medical records but it seems likely that they will be the group who remain in the dark for longest.

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