Judges Hit Back For Accident Victims

One of the scandals in our society today is the way in which that the insurance industry treats accident victims in their attempts to go about recovering that to which they are rightfully entitled.

This happens on so many levels: starting with the suggestion that bringing a claim in the first place is wrong; followed rapidly by the great lie that if you do have a claim you’re better off without a lawyer in doing something about it; and then capped off by the fact that if you do have the impertinence to go about seeking that to which you are rightfully entitled in court they see vilification as a perfectly legitimate tactic.

I could go on about this all day, and we will have an awful lot more to say on the subject. But in the meantime, John has written an excellent article about some very positive recent developments in our courts where judges have given very clear signals to insurance companies reprimanding them about some of the more shameful tactics employed against honest accident victims.

It’s here and it’s well worth a read: http://goo.gl/KjuHiQ

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