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Gallbladder Cancer Misdiagnosis

Gallbladder cancer affects around fifty people in Ireland, each year, and is more common among women over the age of 65. The 5-year survival rate for people with this cancer is just 19%. As such, patients who have been misdiagnosed with another illness, or diagnosed late, are at a high risk of having their lives diminished or shortened by incorrect medical advice.

If you have sought treatment for a health issue which you were incorrectly told was not gallbladder cancer, then later told that it is, in fact, that illness, you might be wondering if you have a basis to make a cancer misdiagnosis claim. If you feel aggrieved by medical advice given to you, you can contact our team for a free and informal discussion about your eligibility to make a claim. Simply call our friendly team on the freephone number on this page. Alternatively, send us a message via our online form and we will get back to you.

If you are not quite ready to speak to a solicitor about your case, you may find the following links useful for helping you to understand this illness and its treatment options.

General information

Gallbladder cancer often has no symptoms in the early stages of the illness, making it harder to diagnose. For general background information on this rarer form of cancer, you may find the following links useful.

Help and support

The following organisations provide help and support for individuals and families affected by cancer.


Here are some recent links on developments and breakthroughs in the research and study of gallbladder cancer, that you may find useful.

Get expert advice from a solicitor

If you were diagnosed with gallbladder cancer at a late stage or misdiagnosed with this illness, you may have the grounds to bring a claim against the healthcare service provider who treated you. Contact our team today for expert advice regarding your situation.

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