Birth Injuries Suffered by the Mother

When the phrase ‘birth trauma’ is mentioned, many people may assume that it refers to a physical injury suffered by the child. However, the definition of trauma is much broader than many people imagine and affects mothers as frequently as it does their children.

A birth injury to the mother may not necessarily be a physical injury. It could be that the healthcare provider involved in the birth of the child failed to make the mother feel safe or supported, directly causing the onset of PTSD.

If you are a mother who has experienced a traumatic childbirth, and you have questions about whether or not you might be eligible to bring a compensation claim against the care provider, please see our main birth injury page. Alternatively, get in touch with our expert medical negligence solicitors for further advice.

Useful Resources

If you have experienced complications during or after your pregnancy, there are numerous resources available that you may find useful. We have compiled a list of some of the most helpful links below.

AIMS Ireland

The Association for Improvements in Maternity Services (AIMS) Ireland is a registered charity offering independent, confidential, non-judgmental support and information on maternity choices and care to women and their families. The organisation provides assistance to women who have complaints following a difficult or traumatic birth.

If you have had a difficult experience before or after the birth of your child, you many find their page on birth trauma particularly useful:

Nurture Health

Nurture Health provides professional and affordable counselling services specifically for women who have experienced difficulties surrounding conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and related issues. Their services include one-to-one counselling, support groups, training programmes (including support on returning to work) and wellness empowerment days.

PTSD is common among mothers who have experienced a traumatic pregnancy or childbirth. Their PTSD information page may be of use if you think you may have the symptoms of this disorder:

My Expert Midwife

Developed by two mums who experienced birth difficulties themselves, My Expert Midwife provides safe and highly effective solutions to common pregnancy, birth, and new-born baby issues, aiming to make every stage of the childbearing journey an easier and more enjoyable experience.

The website features high-quality blogs relating to childbirth issues. Take a look at their post on birth trauma and PTSD here:  

Birth Trauma Awareness Week

Usually held in July, Birth Trauma Awareness Week provides a space for women to share their stories and experiences. Read more about it on Her:

Frequently asked questions

We have also developed a series of birth injury related video FAQ guides. You may find these guides useful for any answering any other questions you may have on this subject. Take a look at the FAQ videos here.