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What types of experiences are considered to be birth traumas?

In this video, John McCarthy answers the frequently asked question, “What types of experiences are considered to be birth traumas?”


The broader definition encompasses all injuries that can occur in the antenatal period, whether due to infection or failure to monitor some condition that the mother has, and it follows through into intrapartum – the delivery phase – and then into the postnatal phase or the neonatal phase. You could have injuries in all of these three timespans and that’s known as birth injury. There is no precise definition for birth trauma, but it’s a more specific term and it’s usually an injury caused by some mechanical episode in the course of delivery, whether it’s overenthusiastic use of forceps or having to yank a child out because they’re trapped in the birth canal. So, trauma is more to do with mechanical injuries in the actual delivery process itself.

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