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How to use the Conveyancing Quote Calculator

To get your full written quote from specialist Irish conveyancing solicitors providing you with details of all solicitors fees and legal costs for your house or property sale and/or purchase in Ireland now with no hassle and no obligation, please just either watch the introductory video or follow the simple steps below; then select your transaction type above, leave your details and click Get Estimate.

Step 1: From the Conveyancing & Property dropdown menu above, select your transaction type. If you are buying your property, from the Purchase dropdown menu above, select the type of property you are buying. If the property you are buying is a second-hand property, select Standard. If the property you are purchasing is a new build, select New Build.  If you are selling your property, select Sale.

Step 2: Insert your First Name, Last Name, Phone and Email address. We will need to review the quote to make sure everything is correct, and we may need to contact you to check certain of the details. If there is more than one person buying or selling, select Add Second Client and add their details.

Step 3: Insert the Price and details of the Property. If you are Purchasing confirm whether you will be obtaining a mortgage.

Step 4: Press Get Estimate and then sit back and wait for us to get in touch with your quote. We review and check all quotes manually and we aim to provide all quotes by the next working day at the latest.

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