Social Media

The Biggest Legal Issue Facing You Today

Most likely the biggest legal issue facing you today is one about which you are largely indifferent. Ok, you may have a legal issue in your life that looms very large, you may have had a serious accident, been a victim of medical negligence or somehow suffered a legal wrong that has a major bearing [...]

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Friday Video

Here's today's installment; my first video: (Ok, so it worked out longer than it probably should have been… but whaddayagonnado; c'mon, it's my first one !) Have a great weekend.

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Your Guide to the Legal Aspects of Social Media Use In Your Business

Well, never to be outdone by a big shiny Dublin law firm, I figured if some crowd can muster up a report to tell you about all the awful stuff that can happen to you if you allow any of your employees near a social media site without having had a team of highly paid [...]

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