‘You Can’t Take It With You’ – Planning Your Legacy


Writing a Will

It’s a topic a lot of people try to avoid thinking about, but nonetheless, a topic that is so important for both yourself and your family. Writing a will and planning for your future can help make what would be a very difficult time, that bit easier on you and your loved ones.

Community Advice Evening

Flor is delighted to have been invited to speak at a community advice evening being held at Darrara Community Centre, Clonakilty. There Flor will discuss everything from writing your will, to what happens should you lose your ‘compos mentis’. From assisted decision making and power of attorney to the future of your estate and succession planning.

This is sure to be a fantastic evening full of information with free admission and all welcome to attend. Below we have a little taster of what can be expected from the evening, as Flor spoke to Patricia Messinger from C103FM Cork.

Further Information

As always, if you have any questions prior to or after the event, our team is here to help. You can contact McCarthy + Co on 023 – 8880090 or here on our website.



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