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How Do I Go About Making a Personal Injury Claim?

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Personal Injury Claim
How Do I Go About Making a Personal Injury Claim?

The road to making a personal injury claim is not always smooth and there can be many twists and turns. Some expert legal help will help to pave the way.

For people who have been injured in an accident that they didn’t cause, it can be an incredibly difficult time, as they heal and deal with all the emotions of what happened to them. Many people know they might be entitled to financial compensation, but are just not sure how to go about making a claim.

Knowing what to do to start a claim can be confusing. Do you need a solicitor? How much is it going to cost? And just how long is the entire process going to drag on for? Is it going to be more trouble than it’s worth? Would you be better off not bothering with making a claim at all? These are all common dilemmas people often face when they’re thinking about making a claim, so you are not alone.

If you have been injured through no fault of your own — whether on the roads, in a shop, at work or anywhere else — you may be entitled to a compensation award that could be substantial. Here at McCarthy + Co, we’re specialists in handling personal injury claims. If you have a valid reason for making a claim, it is definitely worth pursuing with the assistance of legal experts.

First Steps in Making a Personal Injury Claim,

The first thing you need to know about making a personal injury claim in Ireland is that it has to go through the Personal Injuries Assessment Board. This is the government body set up to deal with injury claims in a swift and affordable manner. You can start your claim with them via their online application process. The Injuries Board only handles personal injuries claims and does not deal with medical negligence cases. For that, you will need to discuss the matter directly with a solicitor who is experienced in the area.

Among the things you’ll be asked when giving your initial details is the date of the accident and contact details of the respondent. Also, you’ll be asked if you’re making the application on behalf of a minor who was injured in an accident and if you have a medical report from your doctor, detailing what happened to you and what your condition is. The fee for making the online application is €45.

That, you might think, is all it takes to make your injury claim, but there can be a lot more to it than that. Some victims use the specialist services of a personal injury solicitor to help them with the process and to ensure they recover any compensation that they may be entitled to in full. Just leaving it all up to the Injuries Board may not always be the best if you’re hoping for a worthwhile outcome.

Make a Personal Injury Claim with Expert Help

Indeed, for some people, making a personal injury claim and leaving it all up to the Injuries Board is enough. But what if the claim is rejected? What if the claim isn’t properly made or you haven’t named all of the correct people responsible within the statute of limitation period? Or what if it’s upheld, but you don’t recover everything you should? How will you even know whether you have or not?

Then, you may be faced with the prospect of taking your claim to court — and all the expense, hassle and stress that can involve.

Our clients know that when they come to us to make a claim for a serious injury they have sustained, such as a rib cage, skull, pelvis, leg or arm fracture, we will not rest until it is properly dealt with. Our sole aim is to ensure that you recover the compensation to which you are properly entitled in full.

We are so passionate about helping our clients with their claims that our main personal injury solicitor, John McCarthy, has even written a handy guide to making claims. We invite you to get your FREE copy of Make Your Claim: A Consumer’s Guide to the Injuries Board now and find out all you need to know about making a claim.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident that they did not cause and are thinking about making a personal injury claim, talk to the experts at McCarthy + Co first.

Call us on our nationwide low-call number, 1890 390 555, email or simply request a callback. Our experts with decades of experience will be in touch

John McCarthy

John McCarthy is a seasoned solicitor with almost 20 years of experience, specialises in personal injury and medical negligence claims, focusing particularly on high-value compensation cases. His extensive litigation experience spans Circuit Court, High Court and Supreme Court levels. John's practice involves a diverse range of cases, from personal injury and wrongful death to property damage, defective products, professional negligence and judicial reviews.


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