What Is the Injuries Board and How Can You Make a Claim*?

Sometimes, succeeding in a personal injuries claim and getting the compensation you deserve takes more than just applying to the PIAB yourself. You may need a little help and expertise along the way. People in Ireland who have unfortunately been injured in an accident that was not their fault are entitled to make a claim [...]

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Transvaginal Tape Claims*: What You Need to Know

Trans Vaginal Tape Claims

Transvaginal Tape Claims*: What You Need to Know It was supposed to be a simpler and easier alternative to invasive surgery, but transvaginal tape implants have caused a world of trouble — and transvaginal mesh claims are on the rise. Surgical mesh has commonly been used since the early 2000s for a number of urogynecologic [...]

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Injury Claims* in Ireland: All You Need to Know | McCarthy & Co Solicitors

Injury Claims Ireland

Your essential guide to injury claims in Ireland, including how much you can expect to get in compensation. Personal injury covers many kinds of accidents and incidents — from slips in the supermarket, to incidents at work, car crashes and a lot more — and they can be hard to recover from as the physical [...]

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Is a Solicitor Really Necessary for Personal Injury Claims*?

help with personal injury claims

Going it alone with personal injury claims can be a tough road, so you may need some expert help along the way. Here at McCarthy & Co, we know that many people can go their entire lives without ever having to appoint a solicitor to deal with a legal problem, and that's good. But life [...]

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What to Look for in the Best Personal Injury Lawyers

Choosing a personal injury lawyer

What to Look for in Personal Injury Lawyers Successful personal injury claims* often result from the expertise of expert personal injury lawyers. Trying to find the best for you involves searching around. There can often be a perception that a lawyer is a lawyer and can handle any kind of legal issue. While that may [...]

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How Do I Go About Making a Personal Injury Claim*?

Personal Injury Claim

How Do I Go About Making a Personal Injury Claim*? The road to making a personal injury claim is not always smooth and there can be many twists and turns. Some expert legal help will help to pave the way.   For people who have been injured in an accident that they didn't cause, it [...]

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Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer for Car Accident Claims*?

Go it alone or instruct an experienced personal injury claims solicitor to drive car accident claims to success? Car accident claims are the most common types of personal injury cases made every year around Ireland. The latest figures from the Personal Injuries Assessment Board, the body that handles personal injuries claims, show that of the [...]

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Personal Injuries Claims*: How Do You Know If You Have a Case?

It’s a traumatic time when you’re injured in an accident you didn’t cause, but before you make a claim, you first have to know if you’re eligible. Being involved in an accident that wasn't your fault and becoming ill or injured as a result can lead to an array of emotional and financial problems. Making [...]

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How much time do I have to bring my medical negligence claim?

The Statute of Limitations imposes strict time limits within which an injured person must commence their claim. If you don’t commence proceedings within these very rigid time limits your claim will be absolutely extinguished, no matter how seriously you have been injured. For this reason, the need to take steps immediately if you suspect that [...]

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DePuy Pinnacle Hip Implants – Your Questions Answered

DePuy ASR and DePuy Pinnacle are both prosthetic systems were designed and manufactured by DePuy Orthopaedics (which is a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson) with younger, more active hip replacement candidates in mind because they were perceived as being more resilient and having greater longevity. The Pinnacle was the predecessor to the [...]

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Medical Negligence involving General Practitioners (GPs)

Cases of medical negligence involving general practitioners in Ireland have been steadily increasing over the years. Based on the findings of a systematic review of international malpractice claims in primary care carried out at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 2013, missed diagnosis was found to be the most common source of malpractice [...]

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Injuries Board or PIAB; Which Is It?

Personal Injury Claims * Must be Made to PIAB If you have suffered an accident in Ireland in which you suffered personal injuries *, whether a road traffic accident, an accident at work or an accident in a public place *, your personal injury claim must in the first instance be submitted to the Personal [...]

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