Top 4 bicycle safety tips and how to avoid an accident

With New Year’s fitness resolutions in order and spring around the corner, more and more people are taking up cycling. While it’s a wonderful activity to be doing regularly, it can be quite dangerous if not gone about correctly, specifically if bicycle paths are limited. In Ireland’s case, there are close to none, unfortunately. This makes bicycle and vehicle collisions a definite worry for many. In this case, it’s absolutely essential to be aware and stick closely to road safety rules.

Here we are providing our top 4 bicycle safety tips:

  1. Wear Suitable and Visible Clothing.

When driving your bike on a road with cars and trucks, it’s essential to wear a helmet and be highly visible. Especially on the windy Irish roads with sharp and blind corners. Always ensure that you are wearing bright, reflective and visible clothing, even during the day. As well as that, it’s very important that your bike has reflectors and lights, specifically when it comes to trucks, who have a higher amount of blind spots.

2. The Right Equipment.

Faulty equipment can often play a role in collisions. Prior to every bike ride, check your tires. Are they fully inflated? Are the brakes working well? If riding at night,  make sure the lights are fully functioning and that you are completely visible! Last but not least, is your bike the suitable size for you?

3. Know The Rules Of The Road.

Always ensure that you are aware of the road rules before setting out. Go with the flow of the traffic if you’re sharing the road with other users. Yield to traffic when appropriate. Signal your turns. Ride in a careful and predictable manner – Irresponsible actions such as weaving in and out of the road can be a potential hazard.

4. If possible, avoid riding your bicycle at night.

Riding your bike at night can be extremely dangerous, especially on the windy roads here in Ireland where the chance of going unseen and experiencing a collision is quite high. Specifically during the darker months, when the sun sets earlier in the day, sharing the road with cars during rush hour can be quite hazardous. Bear this in mind, even if you have all the previous tips and rules in place. Better safe than sorry!

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