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Flor McCarthy Personal Injury Solicitor Interviewed on The Sweeney Show Podcast

Flor was delighted and honoured to have recently been invited to be interviewed on The Sweeney Show Podcast. During the interview, Flor and David Sweeney covered many topics training from Flor’s early years in law to the present day and navigating our current (COVID-19) situation.

Flor talks about how he can draw from past experiences with the 2007 crash and his learnings from that time. He speaks about the key areas any business should be focusing on right now and in general. Areas that are often neglected when everything seems to be sailing along.

The pair speak briefly about the portrayal of solicitors and of how at times it is forgotten that solicitors are merely human too.

They also touch on the importance of mindset in running a legal practice and the new way of doing things as opposed to the somewhat outdated traditional methods.

Flor also reveals what advice he would give to upcoming solicitors and those contemplating entering the legal profession before finishing by speaking on the power of authenticity.



Flor McCarthy

Flor McCarthy wears multiple hats, not only as the managing partner of one of Ireland’s leading law firms, but also as an author, speaker and an acknowledged expert in client service, innovation and marketing. Beginning his academic journey at UCC, Flor furthered his education with a master’s degree in law from UCD. After gaining valuable experience as a solicitor in Dublin, the allure of home and the family brought him back to West Cork to contribute his expertise to the family business.


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