PIP Breast Implant Recall Ireland

PIP Breast Implant Recall Ireland: McCarthy Solicitors’ Latest Update

It has been confirmed to us by the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) that some patients who had their surgeries organised through Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Ltd did in fact receive PIP breast implants. As in the case of The Hospital Group before this, the IMB has only confirmed this to be the case after we inquired [...]

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PIP Breast Implants Ireland Update 24th January 2012

BAAPS statement a welcome contribution to the debate on cosmetic surgery regulation Having witnessed the anguish and worry that the Irish women who are affected by the PIP breast implant scandal have been forced to undergo, it’s hard to see any positive aspect to this whole sorry saga. But in a strange way there may [...]

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PIP Update 19th January 2012

The PIP breast implant scandal has been gathering pace since media reports on the subject released during the Christmas period underlined the potential seriousness of the situation for the estimated 300,000 women worldwide who have received these implants. The anxiety of Irish women has been heightened due to a complete lack of relevant information being [...]

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